Suva sidelines NZ in new AU global brand platform via Host/Havas

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SYDNEY, Tuesday: Just over a year on from Fiji re-opening to tourists, Tourism Fiji has unveiled a new global brand platform, via AU shop Host/Havas, following last year’s creative pitch contest.

The closest Tourism Fiji has come to NZ is working with Special PR in 2022.

The brand platform Where happiness comes naturally was produced in collaboration with Host/Havas and media agency Havas Media.

Tourism Fiji chief marketing officer Emma Campbell said: “Our happiness brand platform has attracted people from all over the world. Where happiness comes naturally celebrates the people of Fiji, showing that here, happiness really does come naturally to us, but there is more than enough to share.”

Where happiness comes naturally rolls out in ‘key and emerging markets’ with out-of-home, a tvc, a refreshed website, and across digital and social channels.

The new campaign was captured in static imagery by National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley and in film by Finch’s Kyra Bartley.

The new logo, which fuses modern typography with the traditional Fijian art form of masi, was designed in collaboration with third generation Fjjian masi artist Wati Maraiwai Talavutu.

at Host/Havas ECD Jon Austin said:  “We went beyond the poolside pina coladas – collaborating with local artists, recording music in village homes and voice overs in the three primary languages of the country (iTaukei, Fiji Hindi and English) to capture the Fijian spirit.

Where happiness comes naturally is rolling out in “key and emerging markets” with out-of-home, a tvc, a refreshed website, and across digital and social channels.


Client: Tourism Fiji
Agency: Host/Havas
Production: Finch
Director: Kyra Bartley
Post Production: Fin Design + Effects
Edit: Adam Wills
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Music + Sound: MassiveMusic Sydney
Australian Casting: Mackintosh Casting
Photography: Matthieu Paley c/o Bespoke Reps
Stills Production Company: Chee Productions
Media: Havas Media
PR: Red Havas

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