Arrivals & Departures: DDB’s Track marries data with marketing strategy

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DDB Group’s Track NZ (formerly Rapp) has appointed Leighton Gosnell to the newly established role of marketing technology planner, designed to bridge the gap between marketing and digital solutions.

Experienced in data architecture and integration, decision-making, and architecting end-to- end marketing technology solutions, Gosnell has worked in software development, business intelligence and IT consultancy roles across the public and private health, engineering,  infrastructure and commercial sectors.

He has been responsible for assisting a number of large NZ corporates in consolidating and deriving insight from their customer and transactional data in order to make it more actionable from a marketing standpoint.

Track MD Rob Limb says Gosnell’s appointment signals the agency’s commitment to making the integration of marketing strategy, customer insight, and technical data-driven solutions as seamless and effective as possible.

“At Track, the promise we make our clients is to grow their business by transforming how they connect with their customers. Our focus is on increasing our clients’ ability to deliver more relevant, timely and valuable interactions at the level of the individual customer,” said Limb.

“This isn’t something that can be achieved through marketing or IT teams in silos. It requires a deep understanding of both data/technology, and how to deploy this to deliver marketing outcomes.”

Limg says the person who can navigate these two disciplines and intuit how they work together is still relatively rare, although this is likely to change as the industry evolves.

“Leighton helps us to fill that need, and with his experience is uniquely placed to guide his clients through this evolving landscape,” he said. “In the age of the connected customer, enabling connectivity will be a crucial part of the agency offering. And the martech planner will play a central role.”

Gosnell says he’s looking forward to the new role and relishing a new challenge in his career.

“It’s exciting to be filling this new role in a team who share my passion for delivering a data- driven, customer-centric approach. I’m looking forward to tackling the projects we’ve got in the pipeline, helping our clients to embrace data and technology in order to grow their business and take their customer experience to the next level.”

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