Trade Me partners with Lily McManus, MBM & Special PR to launch ‘break up starter packs’

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Bachelorette star Lily McManus has apparently had her fair share of heartbreak – and now she’s ripping up the rule book with the launch of several new product packs encouraging Kiwi to get over the ex and embrace the new.

The television personality has partnered with Trade Me to equip Kiwi singles with everything they need via a curated range of ‘Break Up Starter Packs’.

McManus said: “I reckon the best way to get over someone is to get under something new. So we’ve to put together four Break Up Starter Packs that literally have everything you need to say goodbye to the dreaded ex and look toward a happy, and healthy future.”

“The best way to get over someone is to get under something new.”

The Break Up Starter Packs campaign was developed by Special PR to drive awareness and consideration of Trade Me as a source for browsing and purchasing new goods.

The campaign launched on 30 May with video content across Lily McManus’ and Trade Me’s socials, which was amplified by media agency MBM. Four influencers who closely aligned with each of the breakup rituals also created and shared content.

Trade Me’s Brand, Marketing and Communications Director, Sally Feinson, said the ideation and delivery of the campaign has been a huge success.

The Break Up Starter Packs are still available for bidding on Trade Me, with all proceeds going to Kindness Store.

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Client: Trade Me
Brand, Marketing and Communications Director: Sally Feinson
Senior Marketing Managers: Sarah O’Leary, Nicola Owen and Tina Narsey
Marketing Managers: Nik Pearson, Julie Mayer and Jordan Legros
Senior Communications Manager: Millie Silvester
PR Agency: Special PR
Media Agency: MBM
Content & Photography: RadLab

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