Trade Me revives fashion with a green spin

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AUCKLAND, Today: Trade Me has launched ‘Secondhand Spin’, a novel pop-up laundromat, in line with the findings of its latest Circular Economy Report. The report underlines the increasing popularity of secondhand shopping, with Special PR orchestrating a campaign to reflect this trend.

The report sheds light on potential earnings from unused clothing, with Kiwis sitting on an average of 11 unwanted items. This revelation comes as the secondhand market enjoys an 11% boost since 2019, spurred by rising living costs.

In response, Trade Me and Special PR have launched the ‘Secondhand Spin’ laundromat. This facility aims to enhance the presentation and saleability of secondhand items, offering services like cleaning and styling.

Positioned in Auckland’s Newmarket, the pop-up features several amenities for revamping garments. Customers can utilise services such as steaming and pressing, with expert advice available for auction preparation.

The laundromat not only offers cleaning services but also provides a dedicated space for high-quality listing photographs. This setup is designed to help sellers make their items more attractive to prospective buyers.

“For 25 years, Trade Me has played a crucial role in enabling millions of Kiwi to actively engage in the circular economy.”

Juliette Hogan, a renowned Kiwi designer, endorses the initiative, highlighting its contribution to sustainable fashion. Her support underscores the project’s alignment with eco-friendly values.

Sally Feinson, Trade Me’s Director of Brand, Marketing, and Communications, reflects on the initiative’s roots: “For 25 years, Trade Me has played a crucial role in enabling millions of Kiwi to actively engage in the circular economy.

“We introduced our inaugural Circular Economy Report in 2019, exploring the patterns of how, where, and why Kiwi are buying, selling, and trading their secondhand items. This year we wanted to bring the report to life and link to our brand strategy ‘a platform of possibility’ and Special PR have helped us do that.”

Natasha D’Souza, Senior Account Director at Special PR, comments on their ongoing partnership with Trade Me: “Over the last 12 months, we have worked with Trade Me on several unique and thought-provoking campaigns. From executing New Zealand’s first ever biddable fashion show to releasing a line-up of the most amazing jobs on the site to help Kiwi embrace the new. We are hoping that the launch of Secondhand Spin encourages people to consider the circular fashion economy and feel empowered to buy and sell secondhand.”

This innovative laundromat is Trade Me’s latest effort to support the circular economy, offering Kiwis a tangible way to engage in sustainable practices. The initiative aims to inspire a shift towards more environmentally friendly shopping habits.

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