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AUCKLAND, Today: The most-viewed story to run in M+AD Daily last week was Thursday’s coverage of BCG2 winning the Volvo account from incumbent Republik – a fairly typical headline yarn for the specialist NZ ad/media business sector.

Our website backend graphic (generated automatically) shows the impact made by the announcement the instant it left our Sent box at 1pm – catapulting visitors numbers from just a couple of hundred viewers to 2000+ in the blink of an eye.

M+AD Ed David Gapes said: “This graphic is a dramatic demonstration of the power and reach of the daily trade email.

Ed said: “M+AD’s ad-content could blossom when clients see how they can use this data.”

“We see a similar picture every day when the M+AD Daily email hits our subscriber database, around 1pm.

“M+AD’s ad-content should blossom when clients realise how this data can be utilised. This simple graphic will help us achieve this.”

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