Trivago fallout hits ads

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AUCKLAND, Today: “Consumer trust is critical,” Association of NZ Advertisers ceo Lindsay Mouat told NZ Herald business writer Damien Venuto. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out Mouat was referring to the Trivago scandal.

“The reputational damage done here goes way beyond Trivago,” Venuto writes. “The company’s sneaky moves have cast doubt over the whole idea that comparison and search engines churn out the best results for consumers.

“Anything that undermines trust damages the credibility of advertising generally.”

“It has given a smoking gun to anyone who believes you can’t trust anything you see online.”

“Consumer trust is critical, as it provides a licence to operate.”

Lindsay Moutat told Venuto: “Anything that undermines that trust damages not only the reputation of the brand, but undermines the credibility of advertising generally.”

  • Read the full Venuto piece here (you may need a Premium sub)

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