Trubridge world record dive attempt will screen live on TV ONE

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DDB and Steinlager have shot a new 30sec TVC to promote Kiwi deep diver William Trubridge’s upcoming attempt to break the world free-diving record in the Bahamas – the dive, due to happen on Wednesday 3 December, will be broadcast live on TV One Breakfast (actual time tba).

The new commercial will go to air on TV ONE this Sunday night (November 16). Trubridge, who already holds the free-diving record – an astonishing 101 metres – aims to set a new record with a dive of 102 metres.

The dive will require him to hold his breath for up to seven minutes.

Free Diving

  • Trubridge is based in the Bahamas, living near a massive underwater sinkhole called Dean’s Blue Hole, a 200 metre deep cavern that’s perfect for free diving.
  • The pressure at the depths he dives to could easily crush untrained lungs.
  • Adrenaline can work against a free diver, so instead of psyching himself up before a dive, Trubridge must calm himself to control nerves and anxiety and feel completely relaxed in order to conserve oxygen.
  • He practices meditation and yoga as part of his training.
  • He can hold his breath for seven and a half minutes (the average is around one minute).
  • 40 people die each year from free diving accidents.
  • At a depth of 50 metres, a free diver will have a lung volume only one sixth that of its volume on the surface.




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