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Grey Lynn indie True has launched a new integrated marketing campaign for Netball NZ’s ANZ Premiership. The Made from More campaign is headlined by a 30-second TVC, and showcases the athletes as strong, athletic and fierce competitors.

Netball NZ head of communications & marketing Kerry Manders said the launch of the ANZ Premiership provided the perfect opportunity to go to market with a campaign that heroed the physical prowess of the athletes and would give netball fans a taste of the intensity they can expect to see on-court.

“The ANZ Premiership provided us with the opportunity to change the face of game in New Zealand – to launch a new era of netball and raise the bar,” said Manders.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the Made from More campaign. It showcases our supreme athletes in their training environment, bringing to life what they go through to be the best every single day.”

The campaign features an athlete from each of the six teams; Katrina Grant, Maria Tutaia, Casey Kopua, Kayla Cullen, Nicola Mackle and Shannon Francois.

The imagery and TVC features the individual athletes with their muscles coiled like springs as they sledgehammer tractor tyres whilst training. We see them sweat and strain with determination, focus and pain on their faces.

To counterpoint the gritty visuals, the spot is set to a piece inspired by the musicals of the 1940s – a time when little regard was given to the athletic prowess of women.

ANZ has been a supporter of netball at all levels in New Zealand for over 20 years and ANZ head of marketing Astrud Burgess, said the launch is the perfect opportunity to set netball in New Zealand on an exciting new course.

“The Made from More campaign is all about celebrating the athleticism of these elite players, which will resonate with fans and general sports enthusiasts alike. It says we believe in you and you inspire us to achieve our dreams. I think a broad audience will love the exciting, intense and inspirational feel of the platform.”


Netball NZ

Marketing & Brand Manager: Rachel Barr


Executive Creative Director: Craig Pethybridge
Group Creative Head: Duncan Blair
Senior Creative: Sarah Chernishov
Head of Content: Nigel Sutton
Group Account Director: Clare Waldron
Senior Account Manager: Hadley Petraska

Exposure International

Producer: Jess Milne
Director: Tim Parson


Head of Sponsorship: Susan McGregor
Senior Sponsorship Manager: Evan Rummins

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