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AUCKLAND, Today: Investment in large-format out-of-home has been proven to boost brand sentiment metrics, as well as raise overall campaign awareness, a new study – released by JCDecaux – reveals.

The study, from Auckland research company Fiftyfive5, found that JCDecaux NZ’s large-format touchpoints positively impact consumer brand sentiment or ‘feeling’ on four key measures.

JCD Auckland strategy specialist Victoria Parson, said: “The study was conducted with two key objectives: to understand whether JCDecaux’s touchpoints had incremental impact on brand feeling measures including interest/engagement, trust, preference and consideration, and the value of JCDecaux formats when used in partnership with other media channels.

“The study found a 42% increase in brand preference.”

“Research participants were shown a selection of multi-channel campaigns for a range of brands in the finance, food and drink, automotive, entertainment and communications categories to credibly and independently determine any uplift in brand sentiment when JCDecaux large-format is included as part of the wider media mix.

In addition, large-format and airport formats were measured with TV, online, radio and newspaper channels to understand the value JCDecaux touchpoints add when used in partnership with other media channels.

The study found that including JCDecaux Large Format in a campaign resulted in a:

  • 52% uplift in interest/engagement
  • 28% uplift in brand trust
  • 42% increase in brand preference
  • 33% increase in brand consideration

JCDecaux NZ chief Mike Watkins said: “As an intelligence and data led business, we are committed to conducting local research projects in New Zealand to understand and demonstrate to advertisers how JCDecaux touchpoints impact audiences and increase campaign effectiveness.”

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