TubeMogul got it wrong

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“Dear Media,” reads an embarrassing apology that landed in our Inbox over the weekend, “Unfortunately there was an error in a recent press release that TubeMogul sent you, advising of the availability of Nielsen Mobile DAR audience verification in New Zealand.

M+AD ran the story under the headline: Mobile measurement software tool lands in NZ.

“While this has launched in Australia, it is not yet available in the New Zealand market. Nielsen are anticipating release there in 2016. It would be appreciated if you could please update your coverage of the piece to reflect this, removing mention of New Zealand. Sincere apologies for the error and any inconvenience this has caused.”

It was signed by TubeMogul Inc’s Sydney-based  APAC marketing manager Danni Worthington.

M+AD apologises for its part in misleading readers.

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