Constipation? Turn the other cheek!

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Waikato/BoP agency KingSt Advertising is enlisting humour to help New Zealanders get to the, er … bottom of a health issue for client Kiwi Crush.

Following a recent survey which asked more than 500 people nationwide about their digestion habits, Kiwi Crush is seeking to draw attention to the uncomfortable subject of constipation. 

The survey results showed that 78% of respondents suffer from digestion issues to some extent and 13% of people keep quiet if they are suffering from constipation.

Constipation can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being not getting enough fluid or fibre in the diet. 

Kiwi Crush is a natural kiwifruit-based drink, proven to be effective in normalising bowel function. Through the proprietary freezing process, KiwiCrush maintains the natural benefits of green kiwifruit – the fibre, enzymes, prebiotics and antioxidants. 

“The message highlights the humble kiwifruit’s crucial role in bowel function and starts a public conversation around a private issue.”

The campaign’s message is simple and effective – ‘Unblock, naturally’ – highlighting the humble kiwifruit’s crucial role in bowel function and starting a public conversation around a private issue.

Nutritionist for Kiwi Crush Melanie Park says, “We’re becoming increasingly busy, and foods of convenience are often highly processed foods and drinks, leading to a lack of fibre and nutrients. This has a significant impact on your digestive system and how often you are regular.

“That’s why a campaign such as this is important, and while it’s not a glamourous topic, it’s vital to shine a light on how what we eat relates to how we feel.”

Account director Sally Hickson says humour is the backbone of being Kiwi, making it an effective way to spread the word about more serious topics.

The campaign is currently running across medical centres, TV, outdoor and digital.


Kiwi Crush Marketing Manager: Kim McFadden
Creative Director: Chris Howden
KingSt GM: Tim Paton
KingSt Account Director: Sally Hickson
KingSt Art Director: Hone Tutua

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