TV delivers ‘powerhouse’ performance

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Last year’s television advertising figures confirm advertisers’ ongoing confidence in the powerhouse” television medium, says industry body ThinkTV. In past years, this report would have been included in the ASA annual roundup – now the ASA has dropped the service (see ASA story on this page).

Total advertising expenditure (actual-cash) on television in 2015 both on-air and online was $620.9m (2014: $631.7m).

ThinkTV general manager Rob Hoar says TV works for advertisers because it’s loved by consumers in big numbers. “TV is a powerhouse,” he says. “No other medium can match the vast and fast reach of television. It’s a credit to our broadcasters that year-after-year, and despite an explosion of new entertainment options, they continue to invest in content that New Zealanders love to watch on-air and online.”

According to Nielsen ratings, New Zealanders spent more time watching TV in 2015 than they did a decade ago. On a typical day, seven out of 10 Kiwis tuned in to watch almost three hours of television.

Hoar says the reach and effectiveness of television stands out in a fragmented ad market. “Globally there are clear signs that advertisers are increasing their investment in television to achieve cut-through in the fragmented media landscape that has emerged over the past decade.

“It is telling that the largest new television advertiser in the UK last year was Facebook. Locally, we’re also seeing digital brands make significant investments in TV advertising to build their business.”

Reflecting the evolution of TV as a force online as well as on air, the figure of $620.9m includes revenue from video advertising in both broadcast and online television shows.

Actual returns for TVNZ, MediaWorks, Sky Television, Choice TV and Maori Television have been collated by ThinkTV. And, for the first time this year, actual figures from Maori TV and Choice TV are included.

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