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Barnes, Catmur & Friends has helped top NZ bed manufacturer Sleepyhead to vamp up its popular Sanctuary range and produced a new TVC to showcase Sleepyhead’s “best bed ever”. Staying in touch with an unstoppable trend, the ad offers a 21st century spin on the traditional vampire myth.

It shows a glamorous vampire waking up feeling refreshed and vibrant after sleeping in a Sleepyhead Sanctuary bed, giving her the best sleep in … 2000 years.

“At Sleepyhead we are passionate about providing outstanding beds for Kiwis and, using world-leading technology, the new Sanctuary range is our best yet,” said Sleephyhead NZ general manager Chris Taylor.

“Once people try out a Sanctuary bed, they will find it completely changes their expectations of what a bed can and should feel like. They won’t just rise – they’ll shine – and our new TVC captures that feeling perfectly.”

The 15 and 30 second ads, called Don’t Just Rise, Shine!, went on air yesterday across TV and Online.



Creative: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Media & PR: Lassoo Media and PR

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