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Street poster maestros 0800PHANTOM are taking their message to magazines and online, in a striking campaign featuring George FM deejay Dan Aux, Otis & Sarah Frizzell of Lucky Taco, The Royal New Zealand Ballet and Barry Saunders of the Warratahs.

The Frizzells’ Lucky Taco ad is currently running in Metro, Idealog, NZ George, NZ Marketing/Stoppress, NBR, Apparel Magazine, The Listener, and on the M+AD site.

The Royal NZ Ballet execution is running in NBR, The Listener, North & South, and Kia Ora magazine, while the Barry Saunders version features in The Listener. Metro is also running the George DJ Dan Aux version.

“We are yet to advertise in Art News and Art News New Zealand but they are on the cards,” says Phantom marketing & editorial associate Briana Juretich.

Thanks for the support
“Interestingly,” she told M+AD, “Kia Ora and the Sunday Star-Times were added to the schedule after they ran articles on us recently – we like to support folks who are interested enough in our world to cover it.”

Does the campaign have a name? “Nope,” says Phantom general manager Jamey Holloway.

He declines to be drawn on frequency and dates. “I could say ad hoc but it’s not really …. just where we think it’ll make the point over the next wee while. It started August and will run till we start running something else!”

Who is Phantom’s target audience for this? “The homegrown creators and makers of Aotearoa.”


Concept: Jim Wilson
Planning and Booking: Briana Juretich
Design: Thaisa da Silva
Clothing, Wording and Poster Designs: Models Own.

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