Uber-style personal concierge reaches NZ

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A new service has opened which aims to make it easier for marketers to target and reach CBD workers with deliveries of product samples and activations. UrbanSherpa managing director Brian Dewill says the marketing applications for the service are wide ranging.

“One of the issues with targeting inner city workers is often reaching the office decisionmaker,” he says. “Our service will develop a comprehensive database of key staff in the CBD.

“We can supply them with product in a timely, professional and unique way and customise the delivery depending on client requirements – even including perishable products.”

Dewill says his team uses both customised delivery cycles and cars to reach their destination.

“Our branding is distinctive and has already caught the eye of many metro workers who have seen us around the area in the past two weeks since we launched. There is plenty of scope of our concept to be customised for a highly visible marketing activation.”

The concept has been compared to Uber globally because of its use of real-time mobile technology.

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