UK adman in NZ to teach creative meeting techniques

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Former UK planner Johnnie Moore, who now travels the globe teaching techniques for creative meetings & engagements, is now bringing the show to New Zealand.

The partner in UK consultancy Creative Facilitation has linked up Auckland strategy design consultant Lee Ryan to run a workshop aimed at those who work in research and people “who want to get creativity out of meetings”. He’s run the current workshop previously in the UK and Australia “with great reviews”.

“Meetings don’t have to be boring or predictable,” he says. “Effective, creative meetings can change the whole culture of your organisation.

“I don’t believe in facilitation-as-usual and this won’t be training-as-usual. There will be no Powerpoint and little use of a flip chart. There will be movement, surprise, emotion, engagement and fun.

“We learn our most powerful lessons from experience, not from lectures. The greatest value in workshops comes from sharing experiences, rather than taking notes from the sage on the stage.”

Moore is ex UK PR shop Valin Pollen and the London office of New York ad agency Hill Holliday, and has since run his own boutique agency.

In Auckland, there will be two threads over the day: techniques & performance.

The workshop will be held at the Northcote Birkenhead Yacht Club (at 1 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead) on Monday 1 May. Tickets cost $460-$575 (both prices are inclusive of gst).

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