UK bans ‘lewd’ Stones poster

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The London Underground has rejected a Rolling Stones poster as “too lewd for commuters”. The Stones are having an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and to advertise the gallery, the band created bright, colourful posters with the famous tongue and lips logo wagging from a women’s crotch.

However, the London Underground declined to run them, and asked the band to create a less racy version. The band has reportedly been left “dumbfounded” by the decision.

The poster was designed by British designer Mark Norton, with help from Stones Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts, according to The Guardian.

Exterion Media, the company that regulates ads on the Underground, and outdoor company Clear Channel, both said the poster couldn’t run in its original form. They told the Stones that the lips [created by designer John Pasche in 1970] needed to be moved away from the groin area and up to the belly button.

“We are dumbfounded and perplexed at this rather silly decision,” said the Stones in a statement.

The exhibition, which is now open and runs through to September, takes over the entire two floors of the Saatchi Gallery with nine thematic galleries, showing over 500 original Stones artefacts, presented with striking cinematic and interactive technologies.

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