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SYDNEY, Monday: Cadbury Dairy Milk and its global agency VCCP today launch their latest film Garage which “aims to shine a spotlight on the power of human generosity in small but meaningful moments”.

The new campaign by Cadbury champions the brand’s belief that, though the world can seem like a selfish place, there is in fact generosity in everyone. Or as Cadbury says, ‘There’s a glass & a half in ever yone’.

Jonny Parker and Chris Birch, ECDs at VCCP London, said: “Following the success of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s previous films Mum’s Birthday, Fence and Bus, Garage builds on Cadbury’s reputation as a fabric of the brand by continuing to hero relatable authentic stories, set in real, everyday settings, told in a quiet, yet powerful way.

“The latest campaign launches with a hero 30” film, directed by celebrated director Steve Rogers.

“At the heart of the new creative is the tale of a young woman working a mundane late night shift at her local petrol station.

“A customer approaches her cashier booth to pay, asking for a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk alongside petrol.

“As the customer walks away from the booth, viewers watch as he ‘accidentally’ leaves the chocolate behind. As soon as the young woman has realised his mistake, she immediately alerts him over the PA system and says ‘You forgot this’ acknowledging the iconic purple bar.

“The man gives her a smile as he walks away and the young woman replies with ‘love you Dad’, revealing the father/daughter relationship at the end of the film.

“Going out of his way late at night to buy a bar of chocolate is a small gesture from her father, but as the young woman’s face lights up, we see how much it means to her. We see the power of small everyday acts of generosity and the meaning of ‘There’s a glass & a half in everyone.’ 

“It’s a simple tale. No special effects, very little gloss or glamour, but none of that matters when you have a great human story about generosity.

Garage aims to highlight how it’s often the small moments of generosity that are the most emotionally impactful and powerful to the recipients.

“As seen through the lens of a father and daughter at a petrol station, it showcases a relatable story of parents never stop caring for their children, no matter how grown up they get. Garage perfectly captures the idea that ‘There’s a glass and a half in every one’ – the generous instinct that exists in every one of us.

“The emotive creative, while remaining simple in its storytelling, showcases a new kind of relationship in its award-winning storytelling series, showing that generous instinct is as strong in adults as it is in children.

Melbourne-based Anthony Ho, Mondelez brand equity director Australia & New Zealand, said: “Our famous endline ‘There’s a glass and a half in every one’ shines a light on the kindness and generosity that we see every day in society.

“Moments of real human connection, that don’t equal grand gestures. We’re proud that our new film Garage honours the iconic Cadbury spirit of generosity and it’s beautiful to see an all too familiar father-daughter relationship brought to life on the screen, through the small, but mighty gesture of gifting a loved one a chocolate bar.”

Jonny Parker and Chris Birch: “Garage, believe it or not, is set in an everyday location we’re all familiar with – the humble petrol station.

“It’s a simple tale. No special effects, very little gloss or glamour, but none of that matters when you have a great human story about generosity. The type of story everyone around the world who loves Cadbury can identify with. We love it.”

Garage will run from today in Australia and New Zealand across TV, OLV and AV billboards. A 15” cutdown will also run from the 26 June across those markets.

A Kiwi connection
All media has been planned and executed by Wavemaker Australia & NZ.

About VCCP
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Campaign Title: Garage
Client: Cadbury, Mondelez
Senior Global Marketing Director: Jonathan Mccarthy
Senior Global Brand Manager: Markéta Kristlova
ANZ Brand Equity Director: Anthony Ho
UK Associate Marketing Director: Gemma Flanigan
UK Advertising Agency: VCCP
Creative Directors: Chris Birch & Jonathan Parker
Creative Team: Simon Connor & Steve Cross
Head Of Account Handling: Gemma Findlay
Senior Account Director: Anna Fotheringham
Senior Account Manager: Katie Westwater
Deputy Chief Strategy Officer: Clare Hutchinson
Planning Director: Alana King
Head Of TV: Olly Calverley
Tv Producers: Rosie Good + Charlie Hodges
UK Production Company: Somesuch & Co.
Director: Steve Rogers
Managing Director: Chris Watling
Producer: Tom Gardner
Edit House: The Quarry
Editor: Jonnie Scarlett
Post House: Freefolk
Post Producer: Charles Gillett
Flame Op: Andy Copping
Grade: Company 3
Colourist: Jean Clement
Sound Studio: King Lear
Engineer: Jack Sedgwick

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