Umbrellar consolidates 10 web hosting brands

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NZ web hosting business Digiweb has announced the convergence of 10 web hosting brands including Webdrive, and most recently FreeParking, to form what it calls “New Zealand’s largest web hosting and domain name company, Umbrellar”.

“Created for scale, Umbrellar delivers a much stronger proposition and exceptional service delivery to 75,000 customers nationwide,” Umbrellar ceo Adrian Grant said.

The launch this week coincides with the introduction of Air New Zealand’s new Airpoints for Business programme. Umbrellar is one of the first partners to join the programme to reward other businesses with Airpoints Dollars and the only dedicated web hosting company-rewarding customers on their hosting spends through Airpoints for Business.

“Economies of scale might be a headline, but ultimately a bigger business delivers no benefit if size is the only driver,” Grant said. “The real driver must be about having the scale to deliver a much strong proposition for our customers, who in turn see value and relevance from our services.

“It was always obvious that the NZ sector was over supplied by a large number of small companies, all doing roughly the same things, averagely well, and in fact we were one of them. New Zealanders I am sure want first class services and I think genuinely would prefer to buy locally, but it has to come with conditions, that the services are of a high standard and priced appropriately.

“As an industry, cloud hosting responds to scale well, but it is capital intensive and at the heart that is the dilemma. To be able to invest in the types of services our customers tell us they want, we need the scale to be able to undertake the investment, not just in one year, but every year.”

Umbrellar has approximately 37% of the market with offices in Christchurch, Auckland and India.

About Digiweb
Digiweb New Zealand Limited was established in 1997 and operated in the web hosting and domain name registrar sectors out of a single datacentre in Christchurch. In the past 16 years, the group has grown significantly with a renewed focus on higher end geographically diverse hosting solutions and premium domain name registration services.

Today, the Group is a full service Cloud Hosting, Web Hosting, Domain Name Management operator providing services to small and enterprise clients across New Zealand, Australia and Asia via its multiple New Zealand and Australian datacentres.

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