Unbowed Trubridge vows to try again

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New Zealanders nationwide held their breath this morning as they watched Kiwi freediver William Trubridge fail to break his own unassisted free dive world record. The 15-times world record holder’s existing record was 101 metres.

He reached his target of 102 metres, but got into trouble 20 metres from the surface, missing out on the new world record. Trubridge recovered quickly and despite missing his target is philosophical about the result.

“I am honoured and humbled with the support I have received from New Zealand and while I am disappointed about not achieving my goal, this is just a plot twist and I am not put off attempting it again in 2015 – I feel like I owe New Zealand a world record.”

Any new attempt is likely to be covered again live on TV ONE Breakfast. M+AD will keep you updated. And tomorrow, we’ll bring you this morning’s ONE viewer numbers.

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