Beam Suntory’s Roku gin hosts first immersive brand event for public with Undertow Media

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AUCKLAND, Friday: Beam Suntory’s flagship gin brand Roku, with Auckland agency Undertow Media, hosted an event for media, guests and the public last month to celebrate Japanese cuisine, cocktails and the arrival of the new season.

Held at the Glasshouse in Morningside, the Roku Autumn Seasonal Supper comprised an omakase-style dinner, bespoke Roku cocktails, a taiko drum performance and a Japanese lighting display.

Developed and executed by Undertow Media, the evening was an education piece around Roku and its adherence to the Japanese concept of “shun” – harvesting and consuming seasonal produce at the peak of its freshness.

Guests were served a six-course degustation menu – each course incorporating one of the botanicals in Roku gin. The ingredients were locally and sustainably sourced, and six Roku cocktails were created by House of Suntory brand ambassador Rory Donnelly with flavour profiles that matched each course.

Undertow Media’s Jess Mayhew said: “The aim was to create an event that both leveraged the existing relationships Roku has with local tastemakers but also capture discerning drinkers who are drawn to fine craftsmanship in every aspect of their lives.

“We were uniquely positioned to build on the momentum and awareness generated from the Roku activations and events we executed in 2022. The supper was a chance to take consumers more deeply into the craftmanship story, while still showcasing the flavours that make the gin so unique.

“The event was an opportunity to delve into the heritage of Roku and bring the brand story to life.”

“Seeing it come to fruition so successfully is a testament to the hard work of the team and the support of the awesome team at Beam.”

Beam Suntory brand manager Courtney Mahoney said: “The event was an opportunity to delve into the heritage of Roku and bring the brand story to life.

“There is a great eagerness amongst consumers to experience something educational and exclusive that provides an elevated brand immersion, beyond just trying a new cocktail.

“All the hard work that went on in the background by Undertow Media over the last four months since briefing, really was reflected by the amazing energy in the room on the night and the positive feedback we received from guests.

“Since its launch in New Zealand five years ago, Roku has firmly established itself as number one in the local super-premium gin category, outselling many well-established brands.

“While the brand has garnered a cult following with spirit connoisseurs, Beam Suntory identified an opportunity for further brand education and awareness, with its objective being to grow and scale Roku sustainably within the crowded gin market.

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