‘Unmanly’ rules uncool

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AUCKLAND, Today: The White Ribbon charity is gearing up to launch its annual November campaign this Saturday, titled Challenge the #Unspoken Rules.

Developed by boutique Wellington brand/strategy agency Ocean Design, the campaign presents outdated and harmful rules that put pressure on boys and young men to behave in certain ways and dismiss behaviours perceived as“unmanly”, leading them to suppress their emotions and their individuality.

White Ribbon manager Rob McCann said: “This affects how our boys and young men feel about themselves, and how they treat others. It affects how they approach their relationships, and can lead them to act disrespectfully – even violently – toward their partners.”

Ocean Design has worked with White Ribbon since 2016 creating unique campaigns that ask men to challenge their own attitudes and behaviour.

McCann: “We love working with the team at Ocean Design because not only are they talented but because they treat us as family. As an organisation they want to make a positive impact on society, so they often go above and beyond the budget and brief.”

“We love working Ocean Design because they want to make a positive impact on society, so they often go beyond the budget and brief.”

“The challenge this year, was that we wanted a campaign that appears to speak about youth, but which requires the adults in the room to think about their own attitudes and behaviour.

“After all, it’s not our young men and women that created toxic masculinity and unhealthy attitudes, they’re just following the example that many of us have laid out for them.

“Given New Zealand has the most reported violence towards women in the developed world, something has to change. We hope that White Ribbon plays a small part in creating a more healthy masculinity.”

The campaign utilises three posters that undermine unhealthy male attitudes, while an online campaign brings the images to life.

White Ribbon also captures the voice of youth to promote respectful relationships in a series of videos and links these ideas to the challenges our young men and women face as a result of the #Unspoken Rules.

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