Val Morgan fires up DART

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Val Morgan Outdoor has unveiled DART 2.0 out-of-home audience measurement system – and labelled it “Australia and New Zealand’s most intelligent OOH system”.

DART (Digital Outdoor Audience in Real Time) anonymously tracks over 250,000 New Zealanders. In real time, it reports on; age, gender, when the audience viewed and how many people viewed across an advertiser’s campaign period.

“We’re incredibly proud of how we’ve advanced DART,” says Melbourne-based ANZ managing director Anthony Deeble. “The evolution has meant that the outdoor industry has been able to completely move away from dated and subjective OOH measures. The more prized metric – viewer engagement – provides agencies and marketers with more meaningful data than ever before.”

The software, using global best practice in facial recognition, has been trained through machine learning computers to map facial features that then predict age and gender. It has been learning since inception in 2014 and now reports on demographics with even greater precision. DART 2.0 offers insights on engagement across 18 demographic profiles.

DART 2.0 is so intelligent it can identify facial features such as glasses, beards and moustaches and can even report on viewers moods.

Initially launched by VMO in 2014, DART was the first system to use audience measurement via an Audience Measurement Device (AMD) for real time reporting purposes. Building on early breakthroughs DART has transformed outdoor reporting providing more insights and analytics of real time audience viewing habits. DART was launched in the New Zealand market earlier this year.

The ultimate decision-makers at VMO may be based in Australia, but the company does have an NZ-based general manager – a familiar face in the NZ sector, Gordon Frykberg. “The VMO Work network in New Zealand measures 250,000 people weekly,” Frykberg said. “And our network is set to double in 2017 giving New Zealand brands enormous reach in a highly desired audience segment.”

DART 2.0 is now available in New Zealand across the VMO Work network.

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