Val Morgan shoots new cinema ID

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SYDNEY, Today: To celebrate its 125th birthday and the enduring power of cinema, Val Morgan has unveiled its new cinema ident in alignment with its brand positioning, ‘Making Messages Memorable’. 

The release advising us of this – sent direct from the company’s Sydney HQ – did not include a credits list, so the creative & media agencies, and the production company, are unknown at this point.

Val Morgan Cinema M, Guy Burbidge (who’s also based in Sydney) said: “The ident will appear before every Val Morgan advertising pre-show. The 30-second audio-visual creative has been designed to capture attention and showcase the power and impact of the big screen along with its ability to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

“I love that a child’s fun is at the heart of the idea – the simple stuff of kids being kids and roaming about and exploring the world.”

“Since 1894, Val Morgan has provided advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach audiences at scale in a trusted environment and on the biggest, brightest and most memorable screen format available – the ultimate place to build your brand.

“Our new Making Messages Memorable’ identis a great introduction to our advertiser pre-show and pays homage to the long-standing power of cinema for both audiences and brands.”

The Val Morgan ident is now live across over 2300 cinema screens in Australia and New Zealand.

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