Kick dehydration with Van Damme’s kiwi hydration secret

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AUCKLAND, Today: Jean-Claude Van Damme, renowned for his spectacular fight scenes, is now tackling a new challenge, dehydration. He’s teamed up with a New Zealand company to launch a new hydration product.

“Every day I exercise, hydrate, and recover with AQUA-VD. I choose AQUA-VD for its quality,” Van Damme said. “This is the best hydration product out there. I’m really pleased to be working with New Zealand Nutritional’s on AQUA-VD, and we’re excited to help everyone reach their hydration goals.”

AQUA-VD features six natural flavours, each with a unique blend of electrolytes and ingredients for specific hydration needs.

“The difference between AQUA-VD and other electrolyte products is in the quality,” said New Zealand Nutritional’s Managing Director Callum Stewart. “Our products are GMO-free, use natural flavours, and contain over 18% natural coconut water. They taste fantastic and each flavour has unique ingredients for unique functions.”

“Every day I exercise, hydrate, and recover with AQUA-VD. This is the best hydration product out there.” – Jean-Claude Van Damme

AQUA-VD is designed for anyone looking to stay hydrated, not just athletes. The hydration market has grown significantly, driven by consumer awareness of hydration and electrolyte replenishment’s benefits.

Callum Stewart shared how Van Damme’s team reached out in late 2022. “Initially, I didn’t know who I was emailing, just that they represented a high-profile individual passionate about health and wellbeing.

“When I found out it was Jean-Claude Van Damme, it was a pretty cool moment. It’s amazing to work with him and great for New Zealand’s international image,” Callum adds.

AQUA-VD launches today in Health 2000 stores across New Zealand and is available online for Australians at AQUAVDSHOP.COM. Expansion plans include distribution deals in the Middle East, USA, and Europe.

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