‘Vegan’ pooch took the meat option in TV test

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LONDON, Tuesday: A woman who put her husky on a vegetarian diet was embarrassed on live TV when the pooch scoffed the meat option over the veggies on the UK’s This Morning.

The incident was first reported on this side of the world by B&T Australia, which – true Aussies that they are – couldn’t resist this aside: “B&T’s editor has put himself on a strict vegan diet – although bacon, steak, wurst, rissoles & most offal are exempt!” (scroll down for the link).

Dog-owner Lucy Carrington was adamant that pet pooch “Storm” preferred a plant-based diet over the snout-intestine-hoove option favoured by most canned dog foods.

This Morning’s presenters decided to test Storm’s resolve, with the hungry pooch quickly silencing the doubters in the live-to-air taste test. Check out the meaty action above.

Veterinarian Scott Miller also appeared on the segment and explained that dogs are natural omnivores and a vegetarian diet could be potentially dangerous to a pet’s health.

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