Pain & Gain

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Veteran Marsden Inch recruiter Barry Williamson has responded positively to Paul Head’s state-of-the-industry report, reprinted by M+AD Daily Tuesday directly from the Comms Council website.

“Good post, Paul,” he wrote on the M+AD site.

“I have gone through the ’87 crash, the Dotcom crash, and the GFC. In every case, the NZ media market revenue responded positively within a year whilst the major markets – USA, UK/Europe and Australia – all took at least two-to-four years to get back to pre-crisis growth.

“Williamson survived the ’87 crash, the Dotcom crash, and the GFC.”

“Short term pain for long term gain.”

Head had reminded us of solid proof that brands which continue to advertise during tough times fare better than those that don’t.

The core of his report, however, was this: “Advertising is a growth engine – and we mustn’t forget that.”

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