Vistar Media and MBM NZ partner with World Vision for 40 Hour Challenge

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AUCKLAND, Today: World Vision is currently partnering with MBM New Zealand and Vistar Media to use programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) advertising to drive greater awareness around its World Vision 40 Hour Challenge.

World Vision NZ marketing mmanager Kate Elton said: “As New Zealand’s largest youth fundraising campaign, this encourages young Kiwis to make a difference by participating in a 40-hour challenge of their choice and raise funds for vulnerable children around the world.

“Since its inception in 1975, the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge has united over 3 million Kiwis, raising over $80 million to support children in over 40 countries.

“This year, we are excited to join forces with Vistar Media to leverage the power of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising.

“This strategic partnership allows us to extend the reach of our campaign so that we can inspire more young people in Aotearoa with a passion for social justice.

“With 1 in 5 children worldwide lacking access to clean water, it is crucial that we continue to raise awareness. Together, through this dynamic collaboration, we can create a lasting difference in the lives of children who urgently need clean water close to home.

“With the support of pDOOH, World Vision has been able to build strong hyper-targeted coverage across 80+ of the top participating New Zealand schools during school commuting hours, Monday to Friday.  

“At MBM, we strive to ‘think beyond’, and Vistar Media’s tech & data capabilities help us push the boundaries of what we can do.”

“On top of that, they are using dynamic creative activations that change out based on the lead-up time to the challenge as a means of driving higher relevance and impact.”

Vistar Media NZ sales & partnerships director Sandra Scott said: “This partnership represents a significant milestone as we introduce pDOOH to enhance the campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

“By utilising the technological capabilities of pDOOH and real-time data, we have established strong hyper-targeted coverage nationwide, magnifying the impact of World Vision’s powerful message.

“Seeing the creative placements across our neighborhoods, spreading awareness about the cause, is truly exciting and reinforces our commitment to the community.”

MBM NZ planning manager Nina Minogue said: “We are stoked to be partnering with the team for World Vision’s first programmatic outdoor media buy, ensuring we maximise reach and efficiently deliver dynamic messaging to inspire more Kiwi kids across the country.

“At MBM, we strive to ‘think beyond’, and Vistar Media’s tech and data capabilities are helping us to push the boundaries of what we can do for our clients.”

The campaign will finish this Sunday 18 June.

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