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AUCKLAND, Today: NZME’s latest Viva magazine promises readers and advertisers “a celebration of the opportunities of the Kiwi summer ahead, pushing Covid-19 to one side for a moment or two”.

The glossy magazine is the seasonal version of the NZ Herald’s weekly newsprint Viva.

“Our first Viva magazine in September was born out of the depths of the Covid lockdown crisis and appropriately reflected the mood of those times,” said editor-in-chief Amanda Linnell.

“The feedback from our readers has been emphatically positive. Now, as we prepare to thank our supporters with Viva Volume Two, the vibe we’re getting is that we have an opportunity to celebrate our freedom, immerse in the beauty of New Zealand and wonder at the amazingly talented people we have on our shores.

“I promise, we won’t be using the words ‘unprecedented’ or ‘pivot’ in Viva Volume Two.

“When Viva Volume One was launched, virtually all other locally produced magazines had been shut down due to the impacts of the Covid crisis. Now as the magazine industry rebuilds the Viva team is proud to be part of the re-emergence of this popular media sector.

“The campaign embraces our print resources, our nationwide radio networks and NZME’s digital platforms, particularly”

“The experience and skillsets our team brings from delivering a hugely popular weekly version of Viva set us up perfectly to deliver Viva Volume One. We’re used to getting daily feedback from our readers, commercial partners and advertisers so we can be responsive and move swiftly to change the game.

“An unrelenting focus on great editorial content that resonates with Kiwis readers is the backbone of all that we do. The stories behind the fashion, the beauty, the travel, food and drink that New Zealand has to offer are connected to our readers through beautifully captured imagery and design – thanks to the great work of our team lead by creative & fashion director Dan Awha,” said Linnell.

Viva Volume Two content explores the nation more widely, showcasing the best of New Zealand from Northland to Central Otago and beyond.

“We knew we were on to a good thing when we launched Volume One – but the level of support from commercial partners and advertisers was just staggering.”

NZME GM Integration Margaret Hawker said: “Once more Viva will have the might of NZME’s combined platforms and brands behind it with a new marketing campaign that embraces our print resources, our nationwide radio networks and NZME’s digital platforms, particularly”

Viva Volume Two will be on sale from November 30.


Editor: Amanda Linnell
Creative Director: Dan Ahwa
Deputy Editor: Johanna Thornton
Art Director: Imogen Temm
Senior Designer: Lucy Casley
Commercial Editor: Emma Gleason
Beauty Editor: Ashleigh Cometti
Recipe Editor: Angela Casley
Dining Out Editor: Jesse Mulligan

Commercial & Marketing

Head of Auckland Sales: Neil Jackson
Head of CreateMe and Agency Operations: Greg McCrea
GM Integration: Margaret Hawker
GM Commercial Publishing: Chris Rudd
GM Commercial Integration: Danielle Tolich
Commercial Integration Managers: Sam Glasswell; Andrea O’Hagan
Commercial Integration Specialist: Lucy Janisch-Fitzgerald
GM Brand & Marketing: Sheryl Dunlop
Senior Marketing Manager: Monique Hodgson


Production editor: Isobel Marriner
Sub editors: Courtney Whitaker, Jill Stanford, Sue Baxalle, Maureen Marriner
Sales Operations Director: Lee Miller
Production Manager: Jon McDonald
Printing: Ovato
Distribution: Ovato

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