VMO’s Dart assayed the Beacons guests

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VMO, which bills itself as New Zealand’s #1 office tower advertising network, has revealed interesting insights from last Thursday’s the Beacon Awards.

During the event, VMO’s large format digital screen captured real-time data. Equipped with VMO’s proprietary audience measurement system Dart (Digital Outdoor Audience in Real Time), the screen measured and aggregated anonymous demographic data including, age, gender and mood throughout the evening.

For VMO, it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Dart analytics and the multiple ways data is influencing content. So, what did VMO discover about the movers and shakers of Kiwi adland? 

“Beards are not so trendy these days! Only 1.5% of guests sported a beard.”

  • 38% percent of guests checked the table seating plan – the others most likely got lost on the way to their table!
  • 46% of guests were male, while 54% were female.
  • Happiness levels peaked in the middle of the night… our guess is champagne levels increased as well!
  • Males were first to arrive (and the last to leave!), with females fashionably late.
  • And beards – not so trendy these days! Only 1.5% of guests sported a beard.

VMO’s presence continued into the night with their sponsorship of the Best Use of Data category, with MBM taking out the Gold Beacon with Serato’s Propensity to DJ. VMO NZ GM Gordon Frykbergsaid: “MBM demonstrated the powerful capabilities of data, it makes them a very worthy winner of the ‘Best Use of Data’ award. It’s exciting to see data becoming a key pillar in consumer engagement.”

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