VW China stunt a classy rip-off

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Like most global citizens, Kiwis are routinely bombarded with traffic-hazard ads – many of them multiple award-winners. So M+AD readers may be interested in VW’s new take on the subject, out of Ogilvy & Mather China.

Since it was uploaded to Youtube in June, the ad has picked up an impressive 39 million views.

It’s a short hidden-camera film, and was shot in a Hong Kong movie theatre – after patrons were asked to leave their cell phones “ON” when the movie starts.

Incidentally, O&M is currently facing legal action from ad agency Happiness Brussels, which claims the VW ad is a rip-off of a 2007 road safety ad. Take a look: target=”_blank”>.

Yep. The O&M ad is way slicker – but it’s still a rip-off for sure!

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