Waitapu Group announces new leadership in Wellington

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WELLINGTON, Today: The Waitapu Group has announced that its Stanley Street business director Sarah Johnson has taken on the role of leading the group’s operations in the Capital.

Heading up the group’s Wellington operation, Johnson brings 28 years of business direction and leadership experience. “This is an exciting time to take on this leadership role,” she said.

Sarah brings with her decades of experience working in the UK, the Middle East and New Zealand, representing a broad range of clients from Red Bull, Virgin Atlantic, Estee Lauder Group and Marriott International, to government departments, NGOs and heads of state.

“Sarah leading our dynamic team sends a signal that we care about the Capital.”

Waitapu Group owner Greg Partington said: “By leveraging the Waitapu Group’s consulting businesses Rutherford and Tātou, along with the creative and media capability at Stanley Street, we are able to honour the diverse voices we serve across multiple retail, government and public sector clients.

“Ultimately developing and delivering agile, innovative, strategic plans and holistic brand experiences across the client’s channels.

“In her new role, Sarah will be responsible for continuing to grow the group’s presence in this progressive market, offering clients a high-level of community engagement that marries kaupapa Māori with human-centred design principles and service design methodologies.

“Wellington is important to our business. Sarah leading our dynamic team sends a signal that we care about the Capital, national impact and our clients.”

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