Waititi & Clement kickstart a US release date

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Curious commercial director Taika Waititi and co-creator Jemaine Clement have raised enough kickstarter funds for an American release of their hit NZ vampire film, What We Do in the Shadows. 

In January, Taika and Clement launched a campaign to raise $400,000. This week they secured the last $4000 they need to release their film in 70 cities across the USA and Canada.

Those pledging $3000 or more were promised roles as extras in the pair’s next directorial project. For $50 or more, donors received a Shadows Cooking Apron, for $10 a PDF of the final script, and for $1 you got a digital high five.

“Taika is an formidable talent,” said Curious president Peter Grasse. “He’s inspiring in his output and charmingly entertaining in person. He’s a joy to work with. His films are hysterical and his commercials hilarious.”

This week in Australia, Waititi’s  #Hello Beer TVC for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, was named a finalist at AWARD in both Craft for Direction of Branded Content and as well as Film for Commercials under 30s. His work for Clemenger BBDO Wellington, Tinnyvision, is a finalist for both Interactive Film and Mobile Branded Content.

Tinnyvision has also been named an Axis finalist for Direction in Film Craft as well as Digital Craft Use of Video, Digital and Interactive Mobile & Innovation, and Long Form Branded Entertainment.

What We Do in the Shadows opens in the USA and Canada this month.

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