The Warehouse Group to move to a single media agency

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The Warehouse Group is on the search for a single media partner to work across all of its brands, according to a report in local marketing site StopPress.

The move will see the company move from working with six different – unnamed – media agencies across its brands to one media agency, says StopPress.

The appointment of an agency is a closed process and The Warehouse Group has invited some of its existing agency partners to pitch.

Chief marketing officer Jonathan Waecker told the site that  the decision to work with one partner is not about procurement. “Rather, it is about unifying its approach to media, attribution and measurement in an innovative way,” he said

“The hope is it will unlock creativity and optimise its ability to be flexible.”

“The [existing] structure has not allowed media agencies to do their best,” Waecker said. “We need to change our behaviour to enable them to do their best.”

  • Read the full report here

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