Warriors players cook up fun with Wendy’s new Baconator burger

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AUCKLAND, Today: Warriors stars Ali Leiataua, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, and Marcelo Montoya are bringing the heat for Wendy’s new Warriors Baconator burger launch!

This week, Wendy’s and MetroEXP’s fun campaign has the players in the kitchen, tossing around hilarious names like ‘it ain’t easy being cheesy’ and ‘spice spice baby’. They finally landed on ‘The Warriors Baconator’. Who’d have thought?

For a limited time, the Warriors Baconator features mushrooms in buffalo cheese sauce, spicy buffalo drizzle, Manuka smoked bacon, American cheese, creamy mayo, and your choice of beef patties or crispy chicken fillets. Plus, loaded fries topped with mushrooms, bacon bits, and more spicy buffalo drizzle.

MetroEXP and Eyes & Ears crafted this entertaining campaign, airing on TVNZ, SKY TV, Warner Brothers Discovery, and social media.

Wendy’s NZ CEO Danielle Lendich said, “It’s always a pleasure working with the players, but Ali, Charnze, and Marcelo were something else and proved themselves to be just as talented off the field as on.”

“Wendy’s has always involved our players in their campaigns. The boys are excited for their post-game burgers this Sunday!”

MetroEXP’s Kimberley Warren added, “We love teaming up with Wendy’s and the Warriors – it’s always a winning combination.”

Creative Director Matt Watts noted, “The players came up with the funniest names. I wish I had their talent for league and advertising!”

Since 2008, Wendy’s has partnered with the Warriors, featuring them in special promotions and fun TV ads.

One NZ Warriors CEO Cameron George said, “Wendy’s has always involved our players in their campaigns. The boys are excited for their post-game burgers this Sunday!”

Danielle Lendich added, “The players, coaches, and Cameron’s team are always eager to join our campaigns. Our partnership with the Warriors is fantastic.”

Don’t miss out on the Warriors Baconator – grab yours today! Available for a limited time from $14.50 on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and at Wendy’s locations nationwide.



Wendy’s NZ CEO New Zealand: Danielle Lendich
Wendy’s NZ Marketing Support: Phoebe Rey Subritzky
One New Zealand Warriors Partnership Manager: Natasha Eady
Agency: MetroEXP
Creative Directors: Matt Watts, Sarah Chernishov
Business Partner: Nick Maltby
Business Director: Kimberley Warren
Production Company: Eyes & Ears
Director & Editor: Lee Stapleton
Producer: Holly Pollock, Paige Taniora
Production Manager: Jazzmin Heaven

DOP: Daryl Wong
Gaffer: Kyle Van Tonder
Sound Recordist: Joey Siasoco
Art Director: Hayley Roberston
Sound Mix: Radiate Studios

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