Return of a Kiwi classic

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AUCKLAND, Today: Parnell-based creative/strategy agency The Business Marketing Group is helping client Wattie’s to reintroduce the classic toastie to a new generation of Kiwis. Scroll down for the full credits (missing from the Stoppress report).

The Business client services director George Sim said: “New Zealanders have grown up with toasties made with Wattie’s baked beans or spaghetti.

“Even though most of us have fond memories of chomping into a piping hot toastie, this great Kiwi staple was in danger of being forgotten about in the face of a wealth of other choices.

“However, when young Kiwis tried a toastie for the first time, their reaction was overwhelmingly positive. It was the same with others who hadn’t had one in years.

“Armed with this insight there was only one thing for Wattie’s to do: Bring back the toastie so a new generation can enjoy its great taste.

“Since we’d clearly established that everyone loves a toastie, our OOH and social launch campaign featured bright and colourful illustrations of Kiwis from all walks of life munching into a Wattie’s toastie – from surfers to K-pop fans, space commanders to gorilla bikers.

“Armed with this insight there was only one thing for Wattie’s to do – bring back the toastie.”

“After rousing the nation’s interest we knew we had to make it easy for Kiwis to get their hands on a new toastie maker.

“So we then teamed up with Breville and Noel Leeming to create bespoke specially crafted boxes contained a Breville Big One toastie maker along with three cans of baked beans and three cans of spaghetti; all you need to bring back the toastie at your home, and a probably a world-first for getting an FMCG product for sale in an electronics and appliance store.

“Since tasting is believing, we created the Wattie’s Toastie Roadie – a tour of New Zealand by a purpose-built toastie truck complete with two toastie chefs making free toasties for Kiwis who are keen to rediscover or introduce themselves to the magnificence of a Wattie’s baked bean or spaghetti toastie.

“The Business Marketing Group believes that a professional approach to marketing is the biggest asset a company can have. Our approach marries left-field thinking with business nous and discipline, leading to exceptional results for our clients.

“We invest heavily in long-term relationships, question assumptions, roll up our sleeves and get involved every day … with the approachability and transparency you may not expect from a traditional agency.”

On the road
The Toastie Roadie started mid-October and thousands of toasties later, will continue into early November to conclude a year-long campaign by Wattie’s to Bring Back the Toastie.


Client: Wattie’s:
Communications Manager: Tina Wong
Group Marketing Manager: Daniel Paki
Marketing Manager: Georgia Forde

Agency: The Business Marketing Group
Managing Director: Ben Cochrane
Creative Director: Craig Farndale
Client Services Director: George Sim
Senior Producer: Sarah Hough
Senior Designer: Sarah Kersten
Senior Account Manager: Chloe Lim

Illustrators: Watermark Creative:
Senior Illustrator & Character Developer: David Follett
Senior Illustrator: Blair Sayer

Media: Starcom
Business Manager: Kim Gribble
Media Assistant: Sarah Milligan

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