Wattie’s reveals its sauces

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AUCKLAND, Friday: Parnell creative indie The Business Marketing Group has crafted a campaign for Watttie’s Burger Sauce. “It’s probably the greatest thing to happen to burgers since fries and soda,” says BMG client service director George Sim.

“For many years, burger sauce had been the secret ingredient used on some of the world’s greatest burgers, however, few people outside of the burger industry knew they existed,” he said.

“Wattie’s Burger Sauce range changes that.”

“To announce the new sauces, Wattie’s has taken to large OOH, transit and social media/digital.”

Watties comms manager Tina Wong said: “Since hitting the supermarket mid-October they’ve become an overnight culinary sensation, flying off supermarket shelves. It turns out that Kiwi burger lovers can’t resist them – and neither, it seems, can their burgers.”

Released just in time for summer, there are three burger sauce flavours s to choose from – Chipotle & Green Jalapeno; Smokey Bacon; and Classic.

To announce the new Burger Sauces, Wattie’s has taken to large OOH, transit and social media/digital – “demonstrating,” says Wong, “the sheer irresistibility of the new range.”


Client: Wattie’s
Communications Manager: Tina Wong
Group Marketing Manager: Sherri Zhou
Marketing Manager: Amy Vu
Marketing Activation Manager: Jade Seaton
Agency: The Business Marketing Group
Creative Director: Craig Farndale
Client Services Director: George Sim
Social Media Manager: Oliver Garside
Senior Producer: Sarah Hough
Senior Designer: Ross Davies
Senior Designer: Sarah Kersten
Photographer: Simeon Patience
Retouching: Jason King (SixtyFour)
Media: Starcom
Business Manager: Kim Gribble
Media Assistant: Sarah Milligan

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