Arrivals & Departures: Wayne Bell takes creative joystick at Aeroplane Music 

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Aeroplane Music has promoted Wayne Bell to the new position of creative director. He’s also been appointed to the company’s board of directors.

“Wayne’s been part of the Aeroplane crew for the past couple of years in the music supervisor’s role and has proven himself to be not too bad at it –  not too bad at all, in fact,” says promotions manager Mahoney Harris in a release.

Film & TV projects he’s supervised or licensed music for recently include Poi e: the story of our song:, Filthy Rich, Wanted 2, Swagger of Thieves, 100 Men, Decoding Dotcom; Caught in the web, and The Dregs.

Bell says he’s excited by the challenge in a fast-moving and evolving industry.

About Aeroplane
Aeroplane is a 100% locally-owned music services business offering supervision, licensing, publicity and project management to all music users and content creators. Aeroplane also represents Warner Music NZ, the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), Flying Nun, Arch Hill and Songbroker for music licensing.

“Still reading? asks Mahoney Harris. “That’s brilliant! Here’s some nice, fluffy stuff people have actually bothered to write and email to us recently …

  • “One of the essentials which makes a film magic, is the soundtrack. With Poi e: the story of our song, the wishes I had were granted and the unrealistic wishes I had were replaced and improved upon by Wayne and Aeroplane Music. I’ll be doing it again and again, with these guys for as long as I can.” – Director Tearepa Kahi.
  • “I really enjoyed working with Aeroplane on 100 Men. Not only did they help make a limited budget stretch a long way, but they also understood the project which was complicated with a variety of different music requirements. Their commitment and support from the start was encouraging. And most importantly at the end they made sure everything was tied up in terms of contracts, cue sheets and delivery requirements. The film has played at a number of festivals both here and abroad and is now being released worldwide. A number of people have commented on how the music helps tell the story. I am looking forward to working with them again on the next project!” – Director Paul Oremland.
  • “It is a pleasure working with Wayne (and Jan) at Aeroplane Music; they are highly efficient and quickly inform on costings and whether we can use the music without stress. Wayne (and Jan) at Aeroplane quickly kept us informed on ball-park costings and whether any particular song is easy to license. I fully trust them on all negotiations.” – Filthy Rich line producer Nikki Baigent
  • “Working with Jan (Aeroplane Music Services) as our music supervisor was truly a brilliant decision. Once we had discussed the project and given her the budget she went to work instantly, helping us achieve exactly what we wanted. Her knowledge was sage and experienced as she really knows her stuff and is realistic about budgets and quality. She ensured that we got amazing music and a brilliant result for the show. I thank her and will absolutely use her again in the future.” – Wilde Ride producer Shannon Cairns

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