Webbys tap Resn, Colenso, AKQA, Special 

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Resn’s Justus Smith writes: “The Webby Awards shortlist is out today and there are a few NZ nods, including us. Might make a good article?

“I’ve done some research for you. Resn has four inclusions: 

  • Nominee for VanMoof cycles S3 & X3 Launch 
  • Honoree for Dream Ahead Lucid Air Launch

“Our website Pioneer Corn Revolutionised is also a nominee and an honoree, but it’s credited to Bader Rutter, the ad agency we partnered with:

  • Nominee – Pioneer Corn Revolution, Bader Rutter (+Resn), Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics
  • Honoree – Pioneer Corn Revolution, Bader Rutter (+Resn), Corporate Communications

“BTW, nominees are those entries that are in the running to win a Webby and/or People’s Voice Webby. Honorees are those deemed good enough to merit a special mention, but aren’t in the running to win a Webby.

“The other New Zealanders I found were …


  • AKQA Pickled, Best Mobile User Experience  
  • Special Group NZ Do Something New, New Zealand, Travel & Adventure 
  • Colenso BBDO The Public Service Banger, Public Service & Activism  


  • AKQA Capital Kiwi, Sustainability & Environment : 
  • Colenso BBDO Friend-vertising, Best Influencer Endorsement

Play NZ is a nominee in Tourism & Leisure, but it’s by TBWA Sydney, so, may or may not be worth including. That was all I could find. Maybe there’s more?”

M+AD’s Ed responds: “We couldn’t either, Justus. Congrats – and thanks heaps. You’d make a good reporter!”

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