Sunrise in the West Island

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AUCKLAND, Today: Phantom Billstickers have expanded their service to include Australia. We’ll let them tell the story in their own nicely crafted words (via their weekly Phan Mail newsletter) …

“Phantom Billstickers was born in this country and we’re still 100% Kiwi owned. But that’s never stopped us looking after our clients who want to run campaigns in the West Island as well.

“How do we do this? Let’s just say we’ve got a few trusted mates across the Tasman.

“Thanks to Phantom’s industry connections, you can plan, buy and run a trans-Tasman street poster campaign from NZ.

“How do we do this? Let’s just say we’ve got a few trusted mates across the Tasman.”

“We won’t just put you in touch with the Aussie poster companies – instead, we’ll use our sophisticated booking system to help you build a campaign that reaches consumers in Kings Cross as well as Queen Street.

“You won’t have to worry about production either. We’ll manage all the printing and pasting across the ditch. Let Phantom take care of everything and enjoy an easy life.

“The smart way for Kiwi brands to build an Australian profile.”

Street cred
“Natural skincare brand Essano is just one of the New Zealand advertisers that’s used Phantom Billstickers to run street poster campaigns – and build street cred – on both sides of the Tasman.

“We did it for them and we can do it for you.”

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