Westpac & Hypermedia reward ATM customers

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Westpac customers will be able to take up offers from local businesses as the bank rolls out New Zealand’s first ATM coupon rewards platform – Rewarded.

Developed by Rewarded was created by Ogilvy NZ for Westpac for activation agency Hypermedia to take to market, Rewarded will be available on the majority of Westpac’s 550+ ATMs across the country from mid-September. The initiative not only delivers Westpac customers exclusive offers but provides local businesses a targeted audience.

Rewarded provides special offers from local businesses similar to outlets customers have previously purchased goods and services from. Up to four offers can be made available at any given time.

The concept was trialled for eight weeks at two Westpac ATMs in downtown Auckland. Some local businesses who participated reported redemption rates of around 20% during the trial, very high for coupon redemption advertising.

Westpac chief digital officer Simon Pomeroy says ATMs are an important component of Westpac’s channel mix and the programme is a way of rewarding customer loyalty with relevant offers.

“For decades banks have been able to identify a customer’s spend and now we are able to use that information to benefit the customer,” he says. “ATMs have the broadest reach, with more than 70% of Westpac customers using them each year. Now we can enhance their experience with relevant offers that might be of interest to them.”

Hypermedia managing director Chris Jones said the concept for Rewarded was born out of the reality that Kiwis are more open to advertising content when it is relevant to them.

“Rewarded evolves the ATM experience from transactional to rewarding because we are able to deliver relevant rewards to the customer,” Jones said. “This is the future of one-to-one advertising and the first phase in a bigger innovation story.”


Group Account Director: Susan Brown
Retail Creative Director: Graham Dolan
Chief Financial Officer: Wade Kirkland
Senior Art Director: Julie Spedding
Head of Digital Design: Terry Yee
Creative Technologist: Ajay Murthy
Head of Neo@Ogilvy NZ: Eddy Whatt

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