What does Google delay mean for NZ?

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AUCKLAND, Today: What does the recent news from Google about delaying the end of third-party cookies mean for the NZ industry? M+AD put the question to Verizon Media head of data (and co-chair of the IAB Australia Data Council) Dan Richardson …

“I think this is a big opportunity for New Zealand marketers, publishers and tech to evaluate Google’s proposed sandbox of solutions and make the right choice for them.

“It’s also very interesting to see players like Amazon saying ‘no thank you Google’ and blocking the FLoC from their website.

“I think publishers with a strong value proposition for consumers will be watching this keenly, and see it as a nod towards backing their own first-party data. For smaller publishers who are more dependent on the Walled Gardens, this delay by Google just means more time.

“For advertisers and brands you now have more time to fine tune  your first-party data strategy. The reality is it takes a great deal of time to create a customer data strategy that is not reliant on cookies or mobile AdIDs.

“This is a big opportunity for NZ marketers, publishers and tech to evaluate Google’s proposed sandbox of solutions.”

“This means investment in privacy, security, website tagging, evaluating new Identity partners or getting your head around the next generation of contextual targeting solutions. And that’s just part of the puzzle.

“For Verizon Media our strategy remains the same. Our goal is to develop privacy-centric solutions that help people stay connected to the content they want, as well as help advertisers/publishers reach and monetise audiences with the best consumer experience possible.

Because our ConnectID solution is based on direct to consumer consent we’re confident privacy is preserved. The same goes for Next Gen Contextual audiences which are based on first-party data, but scaled out with machine learning for the wider web to ensure marketers can continue to reach customers based on demographic or interests without relying on third-party cookies or AdIDs.”

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Richardson is based in Sydney, but also works closely with the Verizon Media NZ team. He also serves on the IAB NZ Standards & Measurement Council

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