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AUCKLAND, Today: Expand PR has unveiled Kiwis in Business – a podcast featuring interviews with Kiwi business owners, following the successful release of five pilot episodes.

Expand’s Linda Shackelford said: “Kiwis in Business is a melting pot of informal, yet informative interviews where we set out to explore the different personalities, ideas and skillsets of innovative and entrepreneurial Kiwis.

“As a former journalist, I’m passionate about talking to Kiwi business owners about what makes them tick.

“During the four years that I’ve been running my own boutique PR business, I have been hugely impressed and supportive of my fellow New Zealanders who have built some amazing businesses from scratch.

“However, often smaller businesses go unnoticed and unrecognised or don’t know where to start on promoting themselves. My job is to uncover the inspiring and authentic stories behind business owners and their businesses and help get those stories out to the wider community.

“I am using my skills to highlight theirs – something which has turned out to be very fulfilling for both me, and other business owners, especially at this uncertain time when small business owners need all the support and publicity they can get.

The first five episodes released on Spotify and Google Podcasts have attracted positive feedback from listeners and Shackelford says she’s had an influx of emails from small business owners requesting to be interviewed since she executed a ‘soft launch’ last week.

“I cherish hearing about inspiring businesses, quirky situations and the goals and challenges of our Kiwi leaders. So far, this podcast ticks all these boxes.”

The episode; Exploring Aerial Photography with Oamaru artist Emma Willetts, explores the creative’s passion behind her photography, her travel adventures, why she started her own business and her plans to open a showroom in Oamaru in coming months.

An interview with Philip Moon, co-founder of Life101, an organisation that teaches life skills to a wide range of groups, including prisoners, youth at risk and high performing teenagers around New Zealand, has also attracted interest.

“I was delighted to talk about the positive change we at Life101 are making in the community,” said Moon. “I’m a keen podcast consumer myself, and I really like the length and pace of Kiwis in Business and see it as a fantastic way to open my eyes (and ears) to what local businesses are doing in the community.”

All interviews are under 20 minutes, a palatable timeframe Shackelford says is perfect for consuming during a short commute to a meeting, or on a daily walk.

“I’m a storyteller at heart, and love interviewing people to get to the crux of who they are, their purpose and drive,” she says.

“I cherish hearing about inspiring businesses, quirky situations and the goals and challenges of our Kiwi leaders. So far, I believe that this podcast is ticking all these boxes.”

Each week, a new interview with a Kiwi business owner will be released to followers, with supporting content being rolled out on the Kiwis in Business Facebook and Instagram pages.

Other episodes include a chat with Andy Ford, founder of Epic Campers, who hopes more Kiwis will explore New Zealand in new ways; Jodie Rainsford, creator of James, a luxury dog bed and accessories brand; and an interview with life coach Victoria Harrison of Change Therapy.

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