White faces kill Aussie Labor Party campaign

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An Australian Labor Party ad campaign featuring the Opposition leader Bill Shorten has come under attack across the Ditch because every person featured in it is a white Anglo-Saxon.

A new TVC, called Employ Australians First, appeared on Channel Nine on Sunday night, designed to promote jobs for Australians – not foreign workers.

Just which agency made the ad remains unclear at press time. The ALP has changed agencies recently, but this ad could well be the work of Sydney-based Moss Group. One thing’s for sure – nobody’s putting their hand up.

The TVC had also been posted on Youtube – but was taken down within 24 hours of its first appearance.

And, yes, social media has exploded over the lack of ethnic diversity.

Shorten has since told media the ad would now be reviewed. “I am not in the business of making ads,” he told reporters.

  • M+AD obtained a link to the tvc from UK newspaper The Guardian – too far away, of course, for the long arm of the ALP to reach

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