Your Super Bowl ad wrap – Who Soared? Who Stank? Who pissed off the client the most?

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SYDNEY, Tuesday: B&T’s UK-based tech editor Tom Fogden summarises the Super Bowl: “Reportedly, there was an American football game on over the weekend,” he writes in the latest issue.

“The Kansas City Chiefs narrowly beating out the Philadelphia Eagles by three points in a matched that hinged on a controversial call with two minutes left to play,.

“Rihanna graced the Halftime show, performing hit after hit clad all in red and heavily pregnant.

“Famous woman respecter and former US President Donald Trump said it was the ‘single worst halftime show ever’.

“Famous woman respecter Donald Trump said it was the ‘single worst halftime show ever’.”

“The New Yorker claimed it was lauded it as a ‘casual anti-spectacle’ and hyped up Rihanna’s chops as a performer, said it was ‘low on demanding choreography but high on spectacle’.

“However, we’re here to talk about the ads and, while there were some good ones (and a very confusing ad for FanDuel Sportsbet) most of them felt quite samey, with celeb cameos and nods to pop culture stapes.

“Save, of course, for the NFL’s Flag Football ad, which caused a real stir.”

  • Read the full Fogden piece here

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