Why The Ys love TV ads – but hate Youtube’s

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The Y generation (born 1980s-early 1990s) loves television commercials – but hates Youtube ones, according to research out of Canadian shop LaunchLeap (reported in B&T Online – see the end of the story for the link).

The graph and research is the work of Canadian consumer marketing firm LaunchLeap who interviewed the 18-34s on their advertising consumption preferences.

“Millennials get treated like some sort of hyperactive group of wild gorillas – powerful, unpredictable and difficult to pin down,” says LaunchLeap ceo Thomas Sychterz,. “The reality is quite different and simple.”

Sychterz said the Ys were very responsive to advertising and wanted to be brand aware – The Ys love TV ads, hate Youtube Ones, but are OK with telemarketers,” he said. “The main caveat is that it all needs to get done in an ergonomic, digestible and fluid manner.”

  • Read the full article (and view the complete infographic) here
  • The original story was published in the US by Adweek

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