Whybin gets the westie look for new Woodstock campaign

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Whybin\TBWA’s has made a series of gritty images the centrepiece of its campaign for Independent Liquor New Zealand’s Woodstock Black launched in Auckland this week. The Woodstock Black creative is a celebration of time, championing the wrinkles, tattoos, and eclectic jewellery earned over the lives of the characters that feature in the work.

“These aren’t your standard pretty poster boys who spend hours in the gym or in front of the mirror to get everything just so,” says, Whybin\TBWA’s Executive Creative Director, Christy Peacock.

“These are the real blokes from the heartland of Woodstock country. Their skin is etched with wrinkles, clothes are worn, and their eyes tell the story of a life well earned. They are charismatic, authentic men with huge depth of character, making them all ‘as smooth as hell.’”

The images were shot in Auckland by New York based photographer, Simon Harsent. His job was to capture the charisma and history of the local Auckland faces that feature in the work. They include a pig farmer, a silver smith, and a musician.

The Woodstock Black work is the first piece of creative work off the rank for Independent Liquor since teaming up with Whybin\TBWA and will be seen on street posters and billboards.

Woodstock Black features a carefully balanced bourbon blend, containing bourbon that has spent four years aging in American white oak barrels. It is then blended with old style cola achieving a beverage with an exceptionally smooth finish, designed with the New Zealand palate in mind.

“Woodstock Black is a premium Dark RTD with one of the smoothest finishes on the market,” says Giselle Bleakley, RTD and Spirits Marketing Manager at Independent Liquor.

“The four year genuine Kentucky bourbon blend used in Woodstock Black is key to this. The time in the barrel helps achieve the bourbon’s smooth character, just as time has helped shape the characters that feature in the campaign.”


Client: Independent Liquor \ Woodstock
Marketing Manager: Giselle Bleakley
Category Manager: Dark RTD’s & Spirits: Laura Youngman
Agency: Whybin\TBWA
Campaign Title: Woodstock Black: There’s No Ingredient Like Time
ECD: Christy Peacock
Senior Copy Writer: David Sylvester
Senior Art Director: Watchara Tansrikeat
Senior Planner: Steve Clark
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Senior Account Director: Amanda Green
Head of Creative Operations: Sheriden Derby
Senior Producer: Mark Paisey
Graphic designer: Agnes Ang
Photographer: Simon Harsent

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