Will the real Scott Kelly please stand up? (Updated)

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M+AD unearthed a can of worms when we followed up a reader’s comment that we’d got yesterday’s photo of Scott Kelly wrong. It turns out that there are no fewer than four Kiwi Scott Kellys working for ad agencies – and two of these work at FCB!

Colenso head of activation & PR Paul Gunn wrote: “The picture you have in your shot is Scott Kelly from FCB. He’s awesome, but not a ‘Young Gun’ anymore – I know, because I worked with him at TBWA in 2006.”

“Had to happen eventually with three of them in the business – that’s the wrong Scott Kelly,” wrote Goodfolk Auckland CD Mark Easterbrook.

The image we published yesterday (here) was of FCB senior creative Scott Kelly (not the intended pic of ex-Colenso/now Wieden + Kennedy London art director Scott Kelly). This Scott Kelly, incidentally, is still teamed with his old Colenso copywriter partner Ben Polkinghorne in London. He also is an occasional flag designer (where was he when we needed him?).

Then there’s FCB senior Mac/3D artist Scott Kelly. And finally, we have Eleven/Whybin senior account manager Juno Scott-Kelly.

M+AD’s head is spinning!

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