Kiwis win in Oz

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SYDNEY, Tuesday: Aussie site Bestadsontv has featured two powerful Kiwi winners in its Best Interactive division this week – WiTH Collective’s ASB Borrow The All Blacks, and Clemenger Wellington’s Voice of Racism (starring the voice of Taika Waititi).

Judge Paul Chan, CCO of Cheil, Hong Kong, wrote of the All Blacks spot: “Now this is a big idea. 100 lucky business owners will have their own adverts written, produced and starring real players from the All Blacks.

“These ads will put the businesses in front of millions of New Zealanders through digital media, out-of-home billboards and social media.

“Genius. I can’t wait to see the actual ads.”

“Genius. I can’t wait to see the actual ads. (I just hope the final scripts do justice to the bigger idea).”

Chan chose the ABs spot at the Best of the Week – with Clemenger a close second.

About the Clemenger spot, Chan wrote: Voice of Racism is a website that challenges people to experience racism for themselves by listening to a barrage of racist snipes.

Missed opportunity?
“Unfortunately, while the website is well executed, the experience itself doesn’t hit home hard enough. Which is a shame. It feels like a missed opportunity.”

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