Arrivals & Departures: WiTH unveils ASB CDs

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WiTH Collective has appointed award-winning Kiwi creative team Nicole Hetherington & Simon Fowler as creative directors on the ASB account.

The announcement comes a week after the announcement of WiTH Collective’s expansion into New Zealand, and the win of marketing services for ASB Bank, including direct, digital, and data.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this next chapter of WiTH Collective,” said chief creative officer Steve Coll. “Nic and Si have been recognised many times at the world’s biggest award shows. But I know the opportunity to work on a brand like ASB is a real career highlight for them.

“We have a very collaborative way of working in Sydney, and I know they’ll want to make that a central part of WiTH Collective Auckland too.”

“WiTH Collective is recruiting for a number of roles.”

Hetherington and Fowler will have oversight of the ASB account. Hetherington said: “It’s a massive privilege to work on ASB, especially as it’s a brand both Si and I have grown up with. We’re also proud to be part of this new chapter of WiTH Collective opening in our home town.”

Fowler said: “We learned our craft in our first gig in Auckland, and it’s wonderful to have the chance to apply it on a much loved brand like ASB.”

Hetherington and Fowler will work closely with WiTH Collective’s head of digital experience, Paul Kelly, to develop a team around the ASB business.

CEO Justin Hind said: “Steve, Dom and I have focused on developing a great creative offering from WiTH, and we’ve hired people that work in a modern and highly collaborative way. There’s exceptional creative talent in New Zealand, and we look forward to seeing WiTH Auckland continue to break new ground.”

WiTH Collective launched in Auckland on 1 June and is recruiting for a number of roles.

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